We are on a mission to introduce mindfulness, self-improvement and a more conscious way of living, into the lives of a huge portion of the population, who sincerely want to learn and grow, but don’t know where to start.

We believe that inspiration, daily habits and follow-through are the cornerstones to lasting change and transformation.

Our first product is an iOS/iPad/Android app; Mindful365.
For companies, we have a cool newsletter, The Mindful Times.


Mindful365 was born out of so many of us wanting to live more consciously during a regular day! Yes, we can all be more spiritual and present on the weekend, or when we are in a yoga class or meditating (if we ever get round to that), or when we are on holiday and thinking perhaps about the bigger questions of life! But what about living more consciously in the midst of the daily stress of a big city?

That is the challenge we set for ourselves. To come up with daily content that would help anyone, from self-described super spiritual types, all the way to people who wouldn’t be seen dead (even with a hamburger) on a meditation cushion, to simply live a more authentic, balanced and conscious life.

We are a passionate and small team based between New York and Cape Town.

Mindful365 App – Beta

Mindful365 is a new app. Imagine the best life changing books, experts, and programs summarized in bite size content on your phone. We have created 365 days of inspiration, encouragement, soul provoking questions and daily assignments that help you become aware of your thoughts, choices and actions while supporting your journey to a more mindful life. We cover everything from relationships, work, money, healthy, family, friendships and life purpose.

$7.99 for a year of wisdom and guidance.



  • We distribute a small amount of content to focus on daily, which can be read in a matter of minutes.

  • The writing is all original and might include: a question to ask yourself, an emotion to focus on, an idea to contemplate or something to try.

  • The app does not take you away from your day-to-day life, work and activities, but instead, incorporates the content into it.

Its not overwhelming, it will take you less than a minute to read. It’s not religious although it encompasses and embraces all the universal principles so won’t put anyone off.

Here are some subjects that are covered.

The 24hr Disapproval Challenge
Stress at Work
Mindful Decisions
Your Top 5 Circle of Friends
Wasting Time
The $1 a Day Fund
The 5 Minute Waiting Rule

Practicing Patience
Family Rules
Love Addicts and Love Avoidants
Food Allergies
The Labels We Got as Kids
Fights and Challenges in Relationships
Money Scarcity vs. Abundance

Other little goodies: You can set a reminder alarm for yourself during the day to get another gentle ‘wake up’ call in case you’ve drifted into ego-land. And you can also take notes as you get insights or want to remember things.

Your responsibility:  to commit to trusting the process, trying what we suggest, answering a question here or there. If you are being conscious more than 5 minutes a day, you are doing better than most people!



This is a brand new type of newsletter targeted to companies who are passionate about improving the well being of their employees. Most people working these days suffer from stress, busyness, lack of balance, technology addictions, health challenges, problems in the areas of family and personal relationships and an overall lack of meaning and purpose in their lives. All of this impact happiness, productivity and work. We want to change this through content, practical suggestions and inspiration. We launch in early 2016


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  • We summarize the best of what is out there in the areas of health and well-being, personal development and mindfulness. We then provide a link to the full article for further reading.

  • Our content is curated and compiled weekly by a team of dedicated professionals and overseen by Ariane.

  • We include interesting articles, experts, research, websites, books, audio/video/movies and practical tools.

  • It would take an employee several hours to find even a few of the things we compile.

  • We are open to customizing the newsletter in specific areas for each company to have it be branded according their wishes.

  • Pricing is per employee or corporate license. Please enter your email to find out more information.


 “The Mindful App truly surprised me and continues to each day! We all get busy with our lives and the Mindful Reminders miraculously pop up on my phone just when I need a gentle nudge back to consciousness. As a connoisseur of personal development tools and books, I found the content to be soothing and beautifully written……simultaneously rich and advanced while being easily accessible to a beginner.  If the average smartphone user spends 2 hours a day on his/her device, we’d better have an app to keep us growing.”

– Rhea Abramson: VP, Merchandising and Sales, Joan Rivers Worldwide

 “I’ve been using the Mindful365 app for a few weeks now and am impressed by the quality of the daily practices. They’re perfect for someone like me who’s busy and working all the time, but also wants to be a bit more conscious. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to have something positive to focus on every day.”

– Steve Johnson: Media Executive

 “I am a Coach and Psychotherapist and have been using the Mindful 365 daily exercises personally and with my clients. I love the daily exercises for many reasons: they are simple, inspiring and really worthwhile. I personally use them every day and am always surprised what a difference they make in my life and those I work with. I´m European and also work in Europe and I can truly say this is great stuff for anyone, of any age and background. You dont have to be into self help or anything like that. The content is written for anyone and the app is super easy to use! I do like that I also get the email in the morning!!”

– Doris Möhsl: Life coach and Trainer for Tony Robbins

 “The content is thought provoking and insightful. Really dynamite.”

– Rachel Buchanan

 “I HAVE LOVED MINDFUL. I felt like it was onto many of the things I have been thinking and feeling lately. It has been very helpful in making necessary adjustments in my mindset”

– Andrew Emson: Public Relations Executive

“Love this app! Always makes me check in each day on what is important. Definitely worth buying.”

Edward Montgomery, Hedge Fund analyst

“In all the hustle and bustle of modern life, this is an incredibly useful tool to build your practice of conscious living. Inspirational and useful! I am going to share this gift with everyone I know.”

Ellen Lovejoy, TV Executive

“I have been getting these daily reminders for two weeks. They have a mysterious and specific way of being exactly what I nee in that moment. Very helpful reminders that challenge me to really take a look at how I am living each day and moment. Highly recommend.”

Paul Greene, Actor, Model


 “The 365 app is great. I really loved it. I felt Ariane is right there with me during my crazy day, helping me along.”

Andy Kadison: Media Entrepreneur

“Having the mindful  practice delivered early in the morning is a great, positive way to start off the day.”

-Michelle Wu: Student UCLA

“Quality of the practices – so real, genuine, and useful not fluffy or useless…”

-Lauren Tamaris: Single Mom of Two Boys

“Mindful365 has been really helpful in making me think about and change some of my practices and habits.”

-Stephen Singh: Real Estate Investor

“Love this app! Always makes me check in each day on what is important. Definitely worth buying.”

Edward Montgomery, Hedge Fund Analyst

“This app absolutely delivers on content and does exactly what it sets out to do. That is, make one more mindful and conscious in one’s daily life. The content speaks to you. It provokes thought and contemplation, and awareness, which our busy lives seem to have taken us out of. Besides the great content, I also love the two alarm reminders during the day.”

Wani Manly, Lawyer

“Thanks for creating this amazing app! We all constantly need reminders to slow down, think a little more, be in the moment, to be more aware, to breathe, to just be and ultimately be grateful. Your app works perfectly! Keep em coming…signed, Grateful.”

Cameron Hughes, Motivational speaker

“Love this app! I am always on the run and being distracted and this app makes me focus on myself from time to time. Its simple and easy to use. ITs like a life partner accompanying me every day in a thought provoking way! It really does keep me accountable. I don’t know anything else out there that does this, this well.”

Patrick Dunn, Student

“I LOVE this app! And when I saw that this was created by one of my favorite authors and speakers, it made me embrace it even more. I find it so important to stay grounded and centered and remember whats important. The content is full of inspirational thoughts and actions.”

Andrea Tallent, Social Media advisor

“This is one of the most practical and modern approaches to remaining present Ive found! Ariane has a way of making spirituality inspirational and also attainable for anyone. I love how the app gently reminds you of how to live a happy life!”

Lora Krulak, Author, Life Coach

“Thank you for this great app. Ive already gotten some great insights from being able to take notes after a practice. I am really putting my mind under the microscope thanks to this. With utmost gratitude!”

Natasha Wenger, Clinic assistant

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