Mindful365 gets ready to launch…

15 Jun Mindful365 gets ready to launch…

Yes it’s true! Some of you have been tracking us for a few months on Twitter and Facebook and we are about to launch.  We have been busy working on our new company. Mindful365 is starting with an iphone app and a daily email, that helps anyone live consciously a day at a time.

The intention behind this is to finally start living and integrating all of what we know! So many of us have read the books, gone to workshops and retreats and yet struggle to live more consciously during a regular day! Yes, we can all be more spiritual and present on the weekend, or when we are in a yoga class or meditating (if we ever get round to that), or when we are on holiday and thinking perhaps about the bigger questions of life! But what about living more consciously in the midst of the daily stress of a major city?

That is the challenge we set for ourselves. To come up with daily content that would help anyone, from self-described super spiritual types, all the way to people who wouldn’t be seen dead (even with a hamburger!) on a meditation cushion, to simply live a more authentic, balanced and conscious life.

To be clear, we are not talking about shave your head, living in a temple, deep meditation mindfulness!  Nor are we talking about yoga and breathing techniques. We mean bringing awareness to every area of your life: your reactions, your dominant beliefs, what habits you’re unaware of, how and what you eat, how you relate to your partner, parents, children and friends, your beliefs around work and money to mention but a few, and how all this impacts your life.

We took all the main areas of life; health, relationships, money, career, family, kids, friendships, happiness, emotional well being and the relationship with a Higher Purpose, and created short bite size content around each of these themes. The content is unique and original. Ariane did the writing part and Alfie did all the design, back end, found programmers, did the website, figured out how to even build an app, how it will be used….all from scratch! A true entrepreneur!

The content is not overwhelming, it will take you less than a minute to read each day. Its not religious although it encompasses and embraces all the universal principles so won’t put anyone off. You don’t need any background in this type of content, nor do you need to give up any other aspect of your current life! Mindful365 is a fun, inspiring and deep dive into your world! What you will discover is amazing.

When do we launch? Well, we did a beta test a few months ago with some friends and folks over at Google. We got great feedback from everyone and also made a few changes based on that. We are now doing another test with a small group in December! So, I’d say end of January it is! You will be able to find us in the iTunes app store. Just in time for quality New Year’s resolutions.

Please join our mailing list to be kept informed of our launch at www.mindful365.com and let others who are interested in this kind of thing know. We also have a growing community on Facebook and Twitter, so come on over. We are very very excited about sharing this with everyone…it’s been an amazing creative process and we are nearly ready for you!!

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